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7 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Am I happy?
2. Do I have value?
3. Do I have the courage to do what I love?
4. Am I excited for my success?
5. Do I know having what I want will will help others get what they want?
6. Who are the loving mirrors in my life?
Do I give myself permission to be who I Truly am?

Ask these questions honestly and look deeply at your answers. If the answers don’t reflect someone who loves themselves or has self-esteem/confidence, get about the business of changing your thinking about yourself and ask them over and over until you can honestly say – I Love Me, and I’m An Awesome Someone!

Until you can answer these questions with joy and authentic love for you and who you are – monetary prosperity will continue to elude you. You must love and honor yourself enough to know you are deserving to have an abundance of money. Be happy, be wealthy, create money. Sounds so very simple, and it is. It’s just not always that easy to talk about how awesome we are but however you get yourself there – get yourself there, and enjoy the fruits of your “labor” and ALL life has to offer.

You matter, know this and money and all else follows.

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