Simplicity ~ Clarity ~ Purpose.

Believe in Prosperity

 Model a Prosperity Consciousness

* Do you love yourself and know you’re enough right where you are or believe you are not enough to be prosperous?

* Believe “I create my life” rather than, “Life happens to me.”

* Play the money game trusting you will win rather from a fear of losing.

* You say you want to be weathly, have money, be rich but are you committed to being wealthy from the                     understanding it’s not just about the money?

* Do you think from the mind-set of abundance or one of fear and lack?

* Do you focus on opportunities and solutions or whine about obstacles and problems?

* Do you admire other wealthy and successful people or resent and envy them?

* Do you associate with positive, successful people or with people who consider themselves to be victims?

* Are you willing to value yourself because you know you are worthy or think negatively about the money you receive from your job while not knowing your True Value?

* Do you believe you are your problems, therefore, creating more of the problems?

* Are you excellent at receiving or don’t believe you deserve to receive so don’t?

* Do you believe “all inclusive” or I just need to get mine and don’t care if you get yours?

* Do you manage the money you have well or are you vague about the money you do have?

* Do you know the value of you money working for you or believe you have to work hard for your money?

* Are you willing to take action in spite of any fears or let fear stop you from taking any action?

* Are you willing to learn and grow or do you think you already know everything and are unwilling to learn and, therefore, don’t grow?

* Are you willing to “do” the inner work or believe being prosperous has nothing to do with what’s inside?

*Do you know, without a doubt – with absolute Faith, the Universe has your back regardless of where you are now?

Ponder these questions and if they make no sense to you or seem foolish, ponder some more and go deeper.

The journey within is the journey to prosperity in all areas of your life.






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