Simplicity ~ Clarity ~ Purpose.

Create a New Relationship With $ This Year as Your Gift to Both Yourself & the World

One of the greatest gifts you can give the world this year is a new thought about you and who you Truly are.  Bringing a new, higher thought about yourself into the world, one that makes you feel better about you is an amazing gift to all, including you!  Taking a feeling better you into the world rather than a grumpy, unhappy, “I’m not enough and never will be” you into the world makes a world of difference.

Do you want more money, more prosperity, more joy and more fun in your life?  Then shift from a consciousness of effects (materiality) to one of cause (spirituality).  When you give power to an effect you are giving it your power.  You are actually giving the effect (dollars) power over you.  If you give money all the power you have become the servant to money and you remain imprisoned by it.  Money is simply energy and is brought to life by the feeling you give it – do you feel good about it, do you feel you deserve it, are you appreciative of what you have?

The Inner Presence – the You of you – is truly the money-maker. The more impersonal (not influenced by, showing, or involving personal feelings) you become regarding where your money seems to originate (job, salary, commissions, investments, spouse, and so on) the more personal you can become in your relationship with the true Source of your money, and the closer the relationship to your God-Self, the greater the abundance in your life.

Turn within and watch the Inner Presence work.  The activity of your Infinite Mind sees and knows only abundance and in this sea of Knowingness is a spiritual Idea corresponding to every single form, event, circumstance, condition, or experience that you could possibly desire.  The creative energy of these Divine Ideas is forever flowing into perfect manifestation. By keeping your focus on Spirit you will keep the channel open for the externalization of Spirit according to the Divine Idea.  By keeping your focus on money and the vehicle (job, client, refund) you think the money will come from you pinch yourself off from an abundant flow of money. 

The time must come when you are willing to have a need for money fulfilled by steadfastly depending on the “Divine CFO” within and not on anything in the outer world of material effect.  Until you do this, you will continue to experience the uncertainties or lack in your pocketbook.  This lesson must be learned, and until it is, you will be given opportunity after opportunity in the form of seeming “not enough money.”  You may be experiencing such a challenge at this time.  Realize this as an opportunity for growth in your relationship with money.  Know this entire experience is for your highest good and make the choice to see if that way!  Withdraw your worry and fear from it and let it fade away to nothingness and re-emerge as prosperity in its many formsJohn Randolph Price, The Planetary Commission 

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