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Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

Rather than the word ignorance let’s look at vagueness.  I don’t use the word ignorance anymore, because I don’t feel you are.   It is my feeling, and so many things that I look at these days confirm this, many of us are living in terminal vagueness when it comes to our money; how much of it we spend, exactly what we earn and exactly what we do need to live on.

I believe that we all need a serious financial wake-up call and the alarm is sounding! We are just coming out of (for the most part) what has been called the worst recession ever. Well, I’m not sure someone living through the late 1920s and early 1930s would agree and tell you that was the worst ever but… we’re in the now.

We are indeed going through a challenging time stemming from the past 5 or 6 years.  However, what it looks like to me, “we are in the midst of a serious wake-up call and how better to be woken up than to be hit in our pocket books?”

Ten years ago this August we got jolted awake  with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  However, if we didn’t live in that area and weren’t hit personally by that tragedy it all seemed to go away and we didn’t have to think about it anymore.  The tsunami happened and, yes, that was yet another tragedy (wake-up call), however, that was in a completely different country than the United States so it didn’t affect many of us in this country personally unless we had a friend or knew someone who was there at the time, so it too went away.  Then there was the earthquake in Haiti and there, more talk about it, however, it too has gone away, so to speak.  These things have not really gone away but, for the most part they haven’t personally affected us.

Many of us have been affected by the 2008 “downturn in the economy” in the USA; and where money is concerned (since it seems to be the most volatile and yet important thing in our society) the effect is farther reaching and considered tragic on many levels.  Well, seven years have come and gone and it appears we’re getting back into our old, resting on our laurels way of living/being.  Is that really sensible?

However, rather than reacting to where we are financially, where the world is financially or where our neighbors are financially, whether it’s good or bad, the question is: do we respond or react? When we continue to react and try to force something to change, as is evidenced “out there”, it continues to get worse and it grows as in, what we resist persists.

When we respond and calm down long enough to take a look at exactly what’s going on, what is my individual part in it and how has it affected me individually then we can start the process of healing inward and take that outward.  We must look to our own personal lives and change how we are thinking individually so as to be an effective catalyst for change.

I am not saying that we only think about ourselves and just keep our focus there, I am saying that when we start taking personal responsibility to respond to our individual situation and work at that level, from within out, then we can empower others to begin their own healing as we will be an example of “I did it so, can you, let me show you how” and a whole lot of individuals together will create amazing change.

As long as we keep shaming and blaming and making it about somebody else before we clean our own backyard that shame, blame and anger grows and we continue to get nowhere.

So my friends, the alarm is sounding, it continues to sound and get louder!  How are you going to choose to respond?  Why not join me in a personal revolution of, ”my response is going to be personal responsibility; I will start with me and then move out into the world from there.”  My belief, from my personal experience, is the personal responsibility and work begin by moving from terminal vagueness to absolute clarity.  Burying your head in the sand and the belief that ignorance is bliss & if I just don’t pay attention to it the problem will go away isn’t living in the solution.  Having clarity about what your financial problems or challenges are and looking at the solutions rather than staying buried in the story is exactly when the solution will present itself.

We don’t hear a lot of talk about the vagueness that is so predominant around money and finances today. Many people simply stay in the vibration of blame and shame and even that gets vague because we lose track when there is really no one to blame, not even ourselves.  Making others wrong isn’t going to make our personal finances “right” and making ourselves wrong isn’t going to create financial prosperity in our lives let alone coming up with ideas how to create it in the world.

Join me in the personal revolution of “vagueness to clarity equals prosperity” and claim your purposeful prosperity in all areas of your life, create the life you love and proceed to empower others to be, do and have as well.

Here’s to your personal purposeful prosperity!

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