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Seven Elements of Avoiding Success You Must Release

1. Some of us grew up in an atmosphere of not being validated, which has resulted in contradictory ideas about our self-esteem and we live from that space, therefore, creating from the small us while continually  “self-debting” throughout our lives.

2. On any given day/hour we find ways, consciously or unconsciously, to avoid taking action – putting off or downplaying that which gives us the most  joy — toward creating our purpose and passion as a way to earn a living.

3. We have backed away from our passion by investing ourselves in lifestyles, relationships and jobs incompatible with our True purpose and passion. We allow our creative energy to be pinched off or jammed up by despair, depression, rage, compulsive behavior, feelings of overwhelm and/or addiction.

4. We’ve been led to believe the lie(s): “Your passion is not practical”, “You’re too old, so it’s too late.” We have accepted these as true when,  in fact, they are but conjecture.  We must be willing to find a way to create and allow a way to do what we love as a way to earn a living.

5. We have felt intimidated by others’ success.  We’ve allowed jealousy, fear, self-pity, resentment and other character “shortcomings” to block our faith in our own creativity and talent(s). We do not feel worthy or deserving of success. We compare ourselves to others – comparing is despairing and creates more of the same life we say we no longer want to be living!

6. We often feel “not safe.” We have been afraid of our own creative energy and have mistrusted our creative intuition. Lacking spiritual awareness, we have not seen ourselves as channels for the Limitless Creative Path.  That path as well as the actions to take is deep within each of us, and that’s where we must go to tap into it, to light it up.

7. Fearful of pursuing our creativity as a means of earning a living, we avoid commitment. The idea of supporting ourselves doing what we love has become something that’s seems unobtainable by us. We believe we’re incapable of determining the monetary market value of our work because we don’t value/love ourselves enough to do so. We become impatient with the process, forgetting that our good comes when we make the choice to let it in.




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