Simplicity ~ Clarity ~ Purpose.


“Hello Reva,

I wanted to thank you for a fabulous seminar.  I came home full of joy, hope and expectations for a phenomenal phase in my life. I appreciated you sharing your time, effort, wisdom, experiences and knowledge in your field of expertise and life.

I am planning on attending all four of your classes.”

EH – Glendale, CA


Its wonderful to know that we are open to learning and exploring different approaches to life as we get older.   Thanks for including me in this class – its been an excellent experience.   Unfortunately I am unavailable to attend this coming Saturday due to another commitment.   But please send me information because I don’t want to be out of the loop.   Thanks!   You are doing an excellent job of presenting your material ……. I’m appropriately impressed.”

AB – Pasadena, CA


Hi Reva,

You were great last night! Very inspirational! When I found out about that poor man who lost his business and committed suicide last night in his Bentley, all I could think of was, “If he’d heard Reva, he wouldn’t have done that.”  Who knows what he would have done, but I sure was feeling pretty good after your seminar last night! What a great message you have!!!

MA – Pasadena, CA


The people I talked with really enjoyed your Purposeful Prosperity workshop! One commented she wanted to attend your workshop and looks forward to your new schedule.

DJ – Pasadena


Thanks for the opportunity to work with you Reva. You are an inspiration.

RB – W. Hollywood


As a direct result of practicing what she herself preaches, Reva has made a profit on every job for which she has contracted in the past 2 years.  In the construction industry, this is rare.  She also knows exactly what she owes, to whom and for what.  She is clear in her relationship with her money.

Chris was heavily in debt needed coaching on how to communicate with credit card companies. Reva [coached] him on how to communicate successfully with them so that he was able to adjust his payment structure, lower his interest rate, change his payment date, and ask for a moratorium.

Walt who had charges pressed upon him by a retail establishment to whom he had written a “bad check,” was terrified of contacting the District Attorney’s office to get the matter settled. Reva [coached] him to contact their office and work out a payment schedule. The client did so and is working out his payment schedule.

Jack was in debt and completely
without a solid source of income.
Within a year of working with
Reva he is now working
steadily with no fear of being
without money because he
understands the “enough” concept.

Robert knew he wanted a 32” flat-screen
television and didn’t have the money at
the time. He called Reva for personal
coaching. She had him put away $25 a
month. He didn’t see how that would
help because it was so little, however, he
followed directions (even though it made
no sense to him) and he just recently
ordered and paid for his new 32” flat
screen television.

Dear Ms. Kussmaul: Thank you for your contribution to LACERA’s 12th Annual Wellness & Employee Benefits Program.
We received positive feedback from many of our employees about the Purposeful Prosperity: “Live the Vision” seminars. Because of the time you took out of your busy schedule to participate in our program, this year’s Wellness Day was very successful.

Robert L. Proctor,
Director, Human Resources

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