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You Are Not Your Job or Bank Balance

There are lots of stories going around these days regarding job loss, money loss, self-esteem loss and depression.

OK – enough is enough!!!  You are not any of those things.  Just because the bank balance is low, you’ve lost your home – either to foreclosure or eviction or you are between jobs doesn’t mean you are worthless.  Repeat after me, I MATTER!  Go ahead – do it.  How is not doing it working for you?  It’s not and you know it’s not.

We must stop believing the lie that we aren’t enough just because we’re experiencing some challenging times.

Start a success journal. Write your successes in life from the beginning – no matter how young you were or how small they seem to be.  Every single success adds up.

We are all in this together and without you someone is going to be sad so know you matter and that you’re enough.  Now, get up write something, pray, vision your perfect life (don’t hold back – be audaciously bold) and know that this will pass, it always does.

This really is a time of great opportunity if you choose to look at it that way.  Why not?  There’s nothing to lose that’s not already been lost.  Look at it as starting with a clean slate and a blank page.  What better than a fresh new piece of paper to begin a new and exciting life?  You deserve it and you are worthy of it.

Let’s begin as empty vessels with nowhere to go but up.  Depression gets us nothing.  Staying in bed gets us nowhere.  Not participating gets us zilch!

We’re all in this together and one of us being broke or homeless doesn’t get someone else prosperous or into a new home.

We must know there is enough and we can make a decision to say yes to our good.  Believing otherwise is what got us into this mess – let’s decide to know different and get ourselves out of it.

Call me, I’m here to empower you onward and upward and I’d love your stories.  I’m rooting for your success!


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